Elaine Forrestal

Author of award winning
Australian children’s books.

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Wel­come to a world of nov­els, short sto­ries, pic­ture books and poems. There are Teacher’s Notes for every title and you can down­load them free of charge. You will also find tips for begin­ning writ­ers, work­shop out­lines, book reviews and a walk­ing (or dri­ving) trail that vis­its the orig­i­nal story settings.

If you want to find out about other activ­i­ties based on Elaine Forrestal’s books like plays, musi­cal the­atre, opera, re-enactments, fes­ti­val pre­sen­ta­tions, visit indi­vid­ual titles or the blog page. Have fun.

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Two books in the spotlight, Graffiti and To See the World

In the last two weeks two of my books have splashed up onto the inter­net. Graf­fiti on the Fence is now avail­able as an eBook, …

Who is Jacque Freycinet?

While read­ing the Review sec­tion of The Week­end Aus­tralian this morn­ing I was star­tled to see some­one called Jacque Freycinet men­tioned — twice — in con­nec­tion with …

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