Elaine Forrestal

Author of award winning
Australian children’s books.

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Welcome to a world of novels, short stories, picture books and poems. There are Teacher’s Notes for every title and you can download them free of charge. You will also find tips for beginning writers, workshop outlines, book reviews and a walking (or driving) trail that visits the original story settings.

If you want to find out about other activities based on Elaine Forrestal’s books like plays, musical theatre, opera, re-enactments, festival presentations, visit individual titles or the blog page. Have fun.

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The wonderful thing about stories

The wonderful thing about stories is that no matter what language they are delivered in, people everwhere enjoy them. There is something about the rythm, […]

Would Rose have been a feminist?

It is interesting to speculate whether Rose de Freycinet would have been a feminist, had she been born at a different time. Certainly she was […]

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