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Monthly Archives: July 2011

And then there’s the opera.

Continuing to focus on the many different ways a story can be delivered to its intended audience, I took a five year old and a […]

eBooks to story-blogs

The all-pervasive internet has certainly provided some new ways to deliver stories to the waiting audience. This week I have been struggling with a story […]

Telling Tales Festival

The second annual Telling Tales in Balingup Festival  was bigger and better than the first – which is really saying something! In this tiny town […]

Visiting North Woodvale Primary School

What a lot of fun we had at the opening of the new Performing Arts Centre at North Woodvale Primary School. Mark Greenwood and I […]

Yes! Deep Water is an eBook

I am delighted to announce that Deep Water: an Eden Glassie Mystery is now a real live eBook published by eText Press and available through […]