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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Two strong women from the Gold Rush days

Today I discovered another strong woman from the gold rush days of the 19th century  in Australia. Older than Clara by a quarter of a […]

Your Backyard transformed

Energy and excitement was literally flying around at the Books from Your Backyard event yesterday. The mezzanine floor of the State Library of WA became […]

Dryblower Murphy

Dryblower Murphy was born in Victoria but followed the gold to Coolgardie, Western Australia. He had been an opera singer, with a good tenor voice, […]

When the journey seems impossibly long

When the journey seems impossibly long and we think we can’t go one step further, we stop to rest. Inevitably we look back. When we […]

Resting the manuscript

Clara has been resting for almost three weeks! Now, with the big celebrations of Christmas and New Year behind us, I am looking forward to […]