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Monthly Archives: March 2019

Make them Laugh, Make Them Cry: Part Two

Making them cry relies on the reader feeling a deep personal empathy for our characters, which in turn relies on knowing and caring about them […]

Make them Laugh, Make them Cry: Part One

Making our readers laugh and cry, engaging a range of their emotions, making them care about our characters, these are all essential ingredients in successful […]

Nothing to Hide

When I made contact with my daughter in Melbourne to tell her that I had finally signed up to Facebook, after avoiding it for twenty […]

The Singer-Songwriter as Poet

Coming from a classical music background I have never been a fan of rock’n’roll. When I have been exposed to it in the past, it […]

Letting the story tell itself

At the moment my new novel, Parallel, seems to be writing itself. There is such a short time, during the development stage, when this happens that […]