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Black Jack Anderson by Elaine Forrestal

Black Jack Anderson

Ander­son and his men came in under the stern of HMS Shan­non, jammed her rud­der and scram­bled up her ropes.

But the cap­tain had been look­ing out for them. He had orders to cap­ture Ander­son if he came within range, and to take him to Hobart for trial. At pis­tol point, the cap­tain called on Ander­son to surrender.

Ruth­less, pas­sion­ate, charis­matic and com­plex. Black Jack Ander­son made a liv­ing by raid­ing pass­ing ships off the south­west coast of Aus­tralia. The mas­sive African-American was noto­ri­ous in his life­time, but this tow­er­ing fig­ure in Aus­tralian his­tory has slowly been for­got­ten… until now.

Elaine For­re­stal has writ­ten the defin­i­tive Aus­tralian pirate story — one that will live for­ever in the mem­o­ries of all who read it.

  • Release date: 27/06/2008
  • Publisher: Penguin Australia
  • Available for: $19.95
  • ISBN: 9780143005940
  • Format: Paperback
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Awards and Commendations for Black Jack Anderson by Elaine Forrestal

Short­listed by:
West Aus­tralian Young Read­ers Book Awards (Older Read­ers), 2009

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