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Graffiti on the Fence

Graffiti on the Fence

Go home, you ado­les­cent rab­ble! It must be past your bed­time!‘
’Aw shut up, you old bat!’ Hellz shouts.
’Yeah, we’ll go home when we feel like it,’ Tan yells.

Hellz, Tan and Eddie are the local skate­board­ing trio. Every night after school they hang out together, ter­ror­is­ing ‘the Witch’. That’s what they call elderly Lal­lie. They make their own rules, and give cheek to any­one who gets in their way.

But Lal­lie gives as good as she gets, and when Hellz unex­pect­edly finds him­self in her gar­den one day, he soon learns there’s more to Lal­lie than he thought…

  • Release date: 01/09/1999
  • Publisher: Penguin Australia
  • Available for:
  • ISBN: 9780141305196
  • Format: Paperback

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Awards and Commendations for Graffiti on the Fence by Elaine Forrestal

Short listed for:
Children’s Book Coun­cil of Aus­tralia Book of the Year Awards (Younger Read­ers), 2000