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To See The World

All his life José has seen the tall ships sailing in, from around the world, to Port Louis on the island of Mauritius, where he was born. As he watches them leave again, disappearing below the horizon, he dreams of going with them – of sailing away, one day, to see the world. He thinks about all the adventures he will have, the ships he will capture, the men he will command, and the buried treasure he will find on faraway islands.

But when the young and beautiful Rose de Freycinet arrives on board the Uranie in 1818 José’s life is changed in ways that he has never imagined. Pirates, cannibals, storms and shipwreck become harsh realities and José is forced to muster all his courage and inate intelligence to survive the dangers as well as the excitement of shipboard life.

  • Release date: 01/04/2014
  • Publisher: NLA Publishing
  • Available for: $17.99
  • ISBN: 9780642278494
  • Format: Paperback
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