Elaine Forrestal

Workshops for K, PP, Yrs1 & 2

These will be run in half hour blocks.

First I will tell one of my own sto­ries for young chil­dren to the group. Then (depend­ing which story I use) the kids will be involved in:

  • bub­ble blowing
  • play­ing per­cus­sion instruments
  • dramatisation
  • pup­pet play

For the begin­ning writ­ers, a range of story ideas will be pre­sented and the kids invited to begin their own story.

Once they have some­thing down on their page, I will move around the group sup­port­ing and help­ing them with any con­cepts that they have trou­ble with.

For P/P — Year 1s, I will read one of my pic­ture book texts to them. We will dis­cuss what sort of pic­tures they think will suit this text, eg.

  • What will each char­ac­ter look like?
  • What will each char­ac­ter wear?
  • How big will each char­ac­ter be, in rela­tion to the others?
  • Where is the action tak­ing place?
  • What is the weather like in this story?

Then I will divide them into groups, giv­ing each group a dif­fer­ent ‘chunk’ of text to illustrate.

In this way they will pro­duce a class pic­ture book to take back to school and add to their library.

The stu­dents will need to bring:

  • tex­tas
  • a sup­ply of plain paper

NB. The qual­ity and size of the fin­ished book will be influ­enced by the paper provided.