Elaine Forrestal

Visual Literacy Workshop

In this 1 hour work­shop kids will explore the dif­fer­ent thoughts and feel­ings that are evoked by visual images and begin to trans­late them into words on the page.

Using cover roughs, some rejected art­work and fin­ished cov­ers from my books, the stu­dents will dis­cuss the images and share their opin­ions before choos­ing one image as a start­ing point for a story of their own.

This work­shop can be extended — after a break — to include indi­vid­ual help to improve their drafts and/or the addi­tion of some visu­als of their own. In this exten­sion time we will look at the pat­terns and sym­bols that often accom­pany text, as dis­tinct from the actual illus­tra­tions, and the effect that these images have on the reader/viewer.

The stu­dents will need to bring:

  • some­thing to write with
  • some­thing to write on
  • tex­tas, coloured pen­cils etc (if the work­shop is extended to 2 hours or more)